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Fenix Food Factory

  • Nico Koomanskade 1025, 3072 LM Rotterdam [Map]
  • +31 10 218 0853
  • https://www.fenixfoodfactory.nl
  • Fenix (0.11 km.)
  • Rijnhaven (0.72 km.)
  • Maashaven Rotterdam (0.64 km.)
  • Rotterdam Zuid (1.65 km.)
  • Fenix / Walhalla (0.10 km.)

With the Rotterdams Balloon Company we visit the most beautiful places in Rotterdam and we like to share that experience with others. Find out what to see and do at Fenix Food Factory and what our balloons are used for.

The Rotterdam Balloon Company is a permanent or well-known supplier of balloons at many locations in Rotterdam. That is why we can inform our customers well about the possibilities with balloons in these places.


Fenix Food Factory is a restaurant in Rotterdam. Waterfront food hub with market stalls & a craft brewery, plus events like talks & wine tastings. Some must-see sights and Hotspots such as Walhalla, Hotel New York, Lantarenvenster, Nederlands Fotomuseum, are located only 0.2 km away.

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 Fenix Food Factory



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Looking for a unique and culinary experience to celebrate your birthday with friends and family? Then Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam is the ideal destination! This culinary center offers a lively food hall, a craft brewery and various stalls where you can find delicious fresh products, such as meat, vegetables and dairy.

Of course you want to do something special on your birthday and Fenix Food Factory offers exactly that. It is a vibrant place where you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors and dishes. With a variety of stalls and vendors, there is something for everyone. Whether you fancy a juicy burger, a fresh salad or a traditionally brewed beer, Fenix Food Factory has it all.

In addition to your birthday, you can also celebrate other festive occasions with a nice dinner at Fenix Food Factory. Whether it's an anniversary, a family gathering or just a get-together with friends, this location offers the perfect ambiance. The lively atmosphere and the diverse range ensure that everyone will find something they like.

And to make your festive evening even more special, the Rotterdam Balloon Company can provide beautiful balloons at your table at Fenix Food Factory. With colorful balloon bouquets, eye-catching balloon arches or other creative balloon decorations, we add a festive touch to your birthday or party. The balloons will create a cheerful and festive atmosphere that fits perfectly with the liveliness of Fenix Food Factory.

So invite your friends and family and celebrate your birthday or another special occasion at Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam. Discover the culinary delights, enjoy the cozy atmosphere and let your party location shine with the beautiful balloon decorations of the Rotterdam Balloon Company. Together we create an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for a long time.



Balloons at Fenix Food Factory

The Rotterdam Balloon Company regularly decorates at Fenix Food Factory. We know the location well and can inform you like no other about delivering the best quality 100% biodegradable balloons to this place. Click here for the options and our prices.

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Robb Kinney
Robb Kinney 19-08-2023
Was at the Fenix Food Factory for a beer at Kaapse. Decided on a snack to go with it. Wandered over to Fenix Kitchen and ordered the Charcuterie tray with meats. This has to be one of the best trays we have had in any restaurant. Delicious meats and cheeses along with smoked almonds, pickles, sun dried tomatoes, shaved fennel, pearl onions and grapefruit. The crackers were a great accompaniment and delicious. You know where I will go next time in Rotterdam.


Robbie Dyer
Robbie Dyer 19-08-2023
A really nice little food market, about 15 minutes by bike from the city centre. The views from the seating area are quite stunning. We had a cheeseboard, tried some of the beers, and had a really lovely time sat in the sun. The prices seemed about average for the Netherlands.


Lean Solar
Lean Solar 17-06-2023
Another tourist attraction. The food was ok, don't expect a big portion I think they can try harder, the table was very simple. They gained an extra point for the beer and the location, they have a good view of the canal.


Steven Simons
Steven Simons 16-08-2023
Really cool venue, with a beautiful terrace that has a great view on the Kop van Zuid. Inside has a nice collection of shops, bars and restaurant. Upstairs there are tables and nice places to sit as well. People were friendly and the ordering system works good as well. Tried the Pizza, Hot Dog, Arancini and Bitterballen everything tasted great and the drinks from the Soda shop were good as well.


Jon Akdogan
Jon Akdogan 19-07-2023
Nice scenery. Plenty variety of beers, expensive though. Stay away from pizzas, because these were the worst pizzas we've ever tasted in last 10 years maybe. Even worse than frozen pizzas. (The reason is that the tomato sauce is just like out of can, and the edges were tough as rock)



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Pictures Fenix Food Factory

Below are some pictures of balloon decorations that the Rotterdam Balloon Company has provided for Fenix Food Factory. Planning an event at Fenix Food Factory and would you like to order a similar balloon decoration? Rotterdam Ballooncompany is your #1 choice. Send us a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)10-3073668. We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Rotterdam and are available to our customers via Whatsapp from early morning to evening.

Table Decoration 6 balloons Foilballoon 65 Years Birthday 21 Pinchos Fenix Food Factory Rotterdam
Table Decoration 6 balloons Foilballoon 65 Years Birthday 21 Pinchos Fenix Food Factory Rotterdam


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Search for names of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Rotterdam. Or on an occasion like 'birthday' to see what we can do for you.