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Stichting Ambulance Wens

  • Abel Tasmanstraat 79, 3165 AM Rotterdam-Albrandswaard [Map]
  • +31 85 444 4288
  • https://www.ambulancewens.nl/
  • Hoogvliet Centrum (3.82 km.)
  • Rhoon (1.31 km.)
  • Kromme Zandweg Rotterdam (4.07 km.)
  • Rotterdam Centraal Station (7.20 km.)
  • Waalhaven Zuidzijde (2.39 km.)

With the Rotterdams Balloon Company we visit the most beautiful places in Rotterdam and we like to share that experience with others. Find out what to see and do at Stichting Ambulance Wens and what our balloons are used for.

The Rotterdam Balloon Company is a permanent or well-known supplier of balloons at many locations in Rotterdam. That is why we can inform our customers well about the possibilities with balloons in these places.


Stichting Ambulance Wens is a stichting in Rotterdam. Some must-see sights and Hotspots such as RDM, Onderzeebootloods, Schiecentrale, UFO Restaurant, are located only 3.8 km away.

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 Stichting Ambulance Wens



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Stichting Ambulance Wens Nederland is a ray of hope for those who spend their last days with an unfulfilled wish in their hearts. In a world of limitations and impossibilities, this foundation brings moments of joy and fulfillment to terminally ill patients. A special group of 270 dedicated and medically trained volunteers forms the backbone of this organization, which day in and day out fulfills the last wishes of immobile patients who depend on ambulance transport. It is an act of compassion and love that illuminates the last chapter of one's life.

Among the many supporters of this noble effort is the Rotterdam Balloon Company, a company that not only blows up balloons, but also makes hearts fly. These two organizations are socially linked by the desire to spread joy and hope. With every milestone that Stichting Ambulance Wens reaches, when the umpteenth wish is fulfilled, the colorful balloons of the Rotterdam Balloon Company fill the air, as a symbol of celebration and triumph.

The Ambulance Wens Foundation fulfills these last wishes with specially designed ambulances, which are equipped with extra comfortable stretchers and windows that offer a view of the world these patients cherish. It's more than just transportation; it is a journey to a moment of joy that would otherwise be inaccessible. Every wish is supervised by experienced medical staff, so that the safety and well-being of the patient are always paramount.

This foundation, which fulfills between 5 and 7 wishes every day, has now touched more than 19,086 hearts and enriched lives. What makes this effort even more admirable is that everything is offered free of charge. The Foundation bears the brunt of the cost, allowing the patient, two loved ones and two volunteers to work together to share precious moments.

In a world where time sometimes seems to fade away, and where the horizon may be limited to a hospital bed, Stichting Ambulance Wens Nederland offers a window to dreams and desires. With the support of dedicated organizations such as the Rotterdam Balloon Company, the power of human kindness and empathy becomes clear. Every balloon that rises into the sky, every heart that smiles, reminds us that it's not the amount of time that counts, but how we fill that time with love, care, and meaning.



Balloons at Stichting Ambulance Wens

The Rotterdam Balloon Company regularly decorates at Stichting Ambulance Wens. We know the location well and can inform you like no other about delivering the best quality 100% biodegradable balloons to this place. Click here for the options and our prices.

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Anet Terra-Klinkert
Anet Terra-Klinkert 15-04-2023
The Ambulance Wish Foundation gave my brother a fantastic day yesterday April 14th. Hans and Paulien were so sweet and helpful. My husband and I also enjoyed this very sunny day. Great thanks


Soufian 10-05-2023
How wonderful that organizations like this exist! You clearly make a difference and take away the pain and suffering of these people who need it. Keep it up champs! Many will enjoy your contribution.


Wil Haan
Wil Haan 15-07-2023
We had a fantastic day yesterday, July 14, thanks to the ambulance wish foundation. This allowed us to attend the wedding of our son and daughter-in-law. This was celebrated on the stand in Zandvoort, partly due to the two volunteers who were real toppers. Has this become an unforgettable day for us. Many thanks for that. Jan and Wil Haan.


Martine Sargentini
Martine Sargentini 07-08-2023
Had a fantastic day today, thanks to Wietske and Jan Willem. How wonderful that such a thing exists, really great!


Anita Kersten
Anita Kersten 29-06-2023
Today the last wish fulfilled by the ambulance foundation in Nieuwvliet on the beach with the feet in the water via beach wheelchair.. great afternoon for these people.. had a nice lunch made memories ❤



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Pictures Stichting Ambulance Wens

Below are some pictures of balloon decorations that the Rotterdam Balloon Company has provided for Stichting Ambulance Wens. Planning an event at Stichting Ambulance Wens and would you like to order a similar balloon decoration? Rotterdam Ballooncompany is your #1 choice. Send us a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)10-3073668. We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Rotterdam and are available to our customers via Whatsapp from early morning to evening.

Foilballoon Number 20000e wens Stichting Ambulance Wens Albrandswaard Rotterdam
Foilballoon Number 20000e wens Stichting Ambulance Wens Albrandswaard Rotterdam
Foilballoon Number 17000e wens Stichting Ambulance Wens Albrandswaard Rotterdam
Foilballoon Number 17000e wens Stichting Ambulance Wens Albrandswaard Rotterdam


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Search for names of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Rotterdam. Or on an occasion like 'birthday' to see what we can do for you.