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Nederlands Fotomuseum


With the Rotterdams Balloon Company we visit the most beautiful places in Rotterdam and we like to share that experience with others. Find out what to see and do at Nederlands Fotomuseum and what our balloons are used for.

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Established museum with a range of images by Dutch photographers, plus events, a library & cafe. Some must-see sights and Hotspots such as Lantarenvenster, Vertical City De Rotterdam, World Port Center, Hotel New York, are located only 0.1 km away.

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 Nederlands Fotomuseum


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The Nederlands Fotomuseum, located on the impressive Wilhelminakade in bustling Rotterdam, is a true ode to the art of photography. A true sanctuary for image and imaging enthusiasts, this museum plays a central role in the preservation and celebration of photographic creativity.

With an unparalleled collection of more than five million images, the Nederlands Fotomuseum serves as the national hub for photographic art. It reflects the full scope of photography, from documentary to experimental, and from contemporary to historical. Within the walls of this museum, different facets of the art form come to life, and visitors are invited to explore the world through the lens of talented photographers.

The museum is known for its versatile exhibitions, which highlight both renowned Dutch photographers and international celebrities. These exhibits shed light on the diverse journey photography has taken over the years and illustrate how the art form has captured and shaped human experience and perception.

But the Nederlands Fotomuseum is not just a temporary showcase of visual splendor; it also houses a valuable treasure trove of Dutch photo history. The museum's own collection tells the story of the national and international development of photography. As a visitor you can travel through time and admire the evolution of this art form, captured in the most impressive images.

And when the time comes to celebrate, the Rotterdam Balloon Company surrounds the Photo Museum with a light-hearted and festive touch. Their colorful balloons reflect the vibrant energy of both the city of Rotterdam and the art celebrated within the walls of the museum. Specializing in photography books, the museum shop complements the experience with a range of works that further deepen the visual story of photography.

Although doors sometimes close, the Nederlands Fotomuseum remains a wonderful tribute to the power of imaging. It brings photography to life, captures history and celebrates the creativity that captures the world in images.



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Brenda Jerome
Brenda Jerome 15-09-2023
Fascinating exhibition of 99 photos illustrating the development of photography in The Netherlands from the mid 19th century up to the present. Many of the black and white photos were wonderful. We used the free app to explore the background in more depth.


Katja Golovina-Huijskes
Katja Golovina-Huijskes 27-07-2023
Place with no rush photography to see, don't forget the library. Check the website regarding the workshops. Exposition will be seen within 1 hour max, 2 floors. There is a baby changing table in the toilet.


Myrdon Corrino
Myrdon Corrino 23-10-2023
Current main exhibition is a gallery of honour of 99 Dutch photographs. They're from 1840 until the present on many different subjects. There's also a temporary exhibition showing the work of Ad van Denderen. The museum isn't very big, so you'll probably be through it in about two hours, but there's interesting work to see.


Vera Rapp
Vera Rapp 16-03-2023
Great museum! The exhibition about the dutch photography was interesting and educational. I really reccomend downloading the app to get the full experience. The temporary exhibition of SANJA MARUŠIĆ (18 FEB. TILL 18 JUN. 2023) is amazing. It can be seen that it was well curated and the exhibition space is part of the art.


Seimen Burum
Seimen Burum 28-01-2023
This Dutch museum for photography has a huge collection of top class photographs from top class photographers. So can can draw from this collection to make very interesting exhibitions which never disappoint. The location is in the part of where an old busy port of Rotterdam used to be and the museum is housed in one of the old warehouses from that time. The whole area is now full of restaurants, hotels and there is the cruise terminal. With the so called Museumkaart you can get in for free so when you are planning to visit more museums in The Netherlands it may be a good idea to get one as normal entry prices are sometimes very high.



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Pictures Nederlands Fotomuseum

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Table Decoration 6 balloons Ground Decoration Printed Get Well Soon Jubileum 25 Years OVG Real Estate Edge Nederlands Fotomuseum Las Palmas Rotterdam
Table Decoration 6 balloons Ground Decoration Printed Get Well Soon Jubileum 25 Years OVG Real Estate Edge Nederlands Fotomuseum Las Palmas Rotterdam


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