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With the Rotterdams Balloon Company we visit the most beautiful places in Rotterdam and we like to share that experience with others. Find out what to see and do at Annabel and what our balloons are used for.

The Rotterdam Balloon Company is a permanent or well-known supplier of balloons at many locations in Rotterdam. That is why we can inform our customers well about the possibilities with balloons in these places.


Annabel is a evenementenlocatie in Rotterdam. Some must-see sights and Hotspots such as Oude Luxor, Delftse Poort, Stadhuisplein, Stadhuis, are located only 0.3 km away.

Hotels nearby Distance
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Atlanta 0.52 km
The James 0.55 km


Restaurants nearby Distance
Get Back 0.11 km
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TIWYA 0.26 km
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Poppodium Annabel in Rotterdam is the right place for organizing a vibrant party or event. This pop stage offers a unique and lively atmosphere, making your party an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a concert, club night, theme party or corporate event, Annabel Rotterdam provides the perfect setting and a great ambiance.

Everything is possible in the rooms of Annabel Rotterdam. With their modern and industrial look, they create a dynamic setting for your party. Whether you want to organize an intimate party for a select group or organize a large-scale event, there is always a room that suits your wishes and needs. Annabel's experienced team is ready to support you in planning and executing your party, so that everything is arranged down to the last detail.

And to make your party at Annabel Rotterdam even more festive, we, the Rotterdam Balloon Company, can take care of the balloons. With our expertise in balloon decorations, we can transform Annabel's rooms into a colorful and lively party paradise. From spectacular balloon installations to custom balloon creations, we can provide the perfect balloon decorations to match the mood and theme of your event.

Just imagine: you enter the room of Annabel Rotterdam and are welcomed by a breathtaking backdrop of balloons. The colors and shapes float through the air, creating a festive and celebratory atmosphere. Whether it's a birthday party, a themed party or a corporate event, our balloon decorations add an extra touch of magic to the ambiance of your special occasion.

With Annabel Rotterdam as the location for your party or event and the Rotterdam Balloon Company as a supplier of spectacular balloon decorations, you are assured of a unique and unforgettable experience. Let us help you take your party at Annabel Rotterdam to the next level and exceed the expectations of your guests. Together we create an event that will be remembered for a long time.


Rent a Room

Annabel in Rotterdam offers the perfect location for various events, whether it concerns drinks, company parties, weddings, conferences, product launches or gala dinners. Centrally located and easily accessible, with various rooms and its own catering facilities, Annabel offers versatility and convenience for your event. Furthermore, you can choose between using their catering or bringing your own food caterer, while lockers, public WiFi and lighting and sound technology are included. Whether you want to use one room or multiple rooms, Annabel has everything to make your event a success.

The decoration of the party creates the right atmosphere. The Rotterdam Balloon Company regularly decorates with balloons at Annabel, we know this location wel and ensure that the room is decorated in the right atmosphere or in the desired theme. We will turn every room or empty space into an attractive party location.



Balloons at Annabel

The Rotterdam Balloon Company regularly decorates at Annabel. We know the location well and can inform you like no other about delivering the best quality 100% biodegradable balloons to this place. Click here for the options and our prices.

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"Wonderful place for a concert with good acoustics and a sun-drenched terrace for a nice cool beer. Spacious layout and fast card- and bag check."
- Rotterdam Balloon Company

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Mateo Alfonso
Mateo Alfonso 01-09-2023
Security women has ego. She told us to leave before even though we bought tickets and said we were too drunk. We are all sober.


Mostafa alasmae
Mostafa alasmae 01-09-2023
I advise everyone to pay attention. There is a security guard. His treatment is very bad. Customers are not treated very badly. The patrons of the place are not bad. as he thinks. He is horribly immoral. And disgusting. It's the last time I visit this place. to recommend it


Mostafa Asmai
Mostafa Asmai 01-09-2023
I do not recommend it. Not at all. There is a security guard. The patrons of the place are treated as very bad. I do not recommend it. There are better places in Rotterdam. Full of respect.


Eren Hocaoğlu
Eren Hocaoğlu 12-06-2023
Outside terrace and the speakers inside are good but the inside is like a empty factory floor to be honest


Reza Niazi
Reza Niazi 10-05-2023
Cool place with reasonable price. But I recomend you to going there before 00:00, and book the ticket online, because when you go there after midnight you should pay couple of Euros more



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Pictures Annabel

Below are some pictures of balloon decorations that the Rotterdam Balloon Company has provided for Annabel. Planning an event at Annabel and would you like to order a similar balloon decoration? Rotterdam Ballooncompany is your #1 choice. Send us a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)10-3073668. We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Rotterdam and are available to our customers via Whatsapp from early morning to evening.

Table Decoration 5 balloons Ground Decoration Annabel Rotterdam
Table Decoration 5 balloons Ground Decoration Annabel Rotterdam


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Search for names of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Rotterdam. Or on an occasion like 'birthday' to see what we can do for you.


Search for names of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Rotterdam. Or on an occasion like 'birthday' to see what we can do for you.