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Marathon Van Rotterdam

Marathon Van Rotterdam


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The Rotterdam Marathon, an annual sporting highlight where thousands of participants from all over the world come together to push their limits and make the city bustle with energy. It is an event full of passion, perseverance and community spirit, where runners and spectators alike are inspired by the ultimate challenge of the 42.195 kilometer distance.

At such a major event, it is essential to provide the runners with the right support. That is why we, the Rotterdam Balloon Company, are proud to provide balloons for the pacers. These experienced marathon and ultra runners are the true heroes of the marathon. They act as pacemakers and run as flat a schedule as possible, helping other competitors achieve their desired finish time.

Using our special balloons, each marked with the expected finish time, the runners can easily identify which pacer can help them reach their personal goal. Floating above the crowd, the balloons serve as a visual anchor point, allowing runners to position themselves in the race and hook up with the correct pacer.

But our involvement doesn't stop with the pacers. We understand that the spectators are just as important to the atmosphere and success of the marathon. That is why we also provide balloons that serve as recognition points for the runners. Scattered along the course, these balloons create a festive and eye-catching atmosphere and give spectators the opportunity to cheer on and encourage their favorite runners. They are true eye-catchers that provide an extra dose of enthusiasm and support along the route.

As the Rotterdam Balloon Company, we are honored to be part of this spectacular event. We believe in the power of festive elements such as balloons, which bring a unique and positive energy. They symbolize the celebration of achievement, encouragement and bring a smile to everyone's face.

So, during the Rotterdam Marathon, look out for our balloons guiding the pacers and getting the spectators excited. Let's celebrate this wonderful event together and cheer on the runners as they push their personal limits. Together we will make the marathon an unforgettable experience full of inspiration, resilience and community.



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cloudbuster Round Printed marathon of Rotterdam


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