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With the Rotterdams Balloon Company we visit the most beautiful places in Rotterdam and we like to share that experience with others. Find out what to see and do at Zomercarnaval and what our balloons are used for.

The Rotterdam Balloon Company is a permanent or well-known supplier of balloons at many locations in Rotterdam. That is why we can inform our customers well about the possibilities with balloons in these places.


Zomercarnaval is a evenement in Rotterdam. Some must-see sights and Hotspots such as Koopgoot, Lijnbaan, Stadhuisplein, Stadhuis, are located only 0.1 km away.

Hotels nearby Distance
Atlanta 0.08 km
The James 0.13 km
Postillion Hotel 0.15 km
Urban Residences 0.16 km
Hilton 0.35 km


Restaurants nearby Distance
Staal 0.10 km
1NUL8 0.13 km
Oyster Club 0.14 km
Roxxie 0.14 km
Luster 0.15 km



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Zomercarnaval - Everything You Need To Know About This Summer Carnival

One could go to the most high-end restaurants, but it wouldn't match the excitement and vibrancy you get from the summer carnivals. While it's needless to say that Rotterdam has become a popular summer break destination, it wouldn't be wrong to say that many people come to this city to enjoy Zomercarnaval, which is basically a summer carnival in the city. So, if you want to enjoy this event while you are in Rotterdam and need the details, we are here for you!

The Brief

The summer carnival in Rotterdam takes place annually.
Every summer there is a cheerful procession with beautiful floats and
men and women in the most beautiful costumes through the streets of the
city. The summer carnival parade is accompanied by swinging
music, along the side the spectators are cozy with
to dance each other. During the summer carnival you can enjoy the tropical
admire the clothes of the parade, the most beautiful costume will be
naturally worn by the queen of the summer carnival. Once
the parade has passed through the city, the party in Rotterdam is still going
good on. Performances are performed on various stages by
well-known and unknown artists, everyone makes a party

It is basically an annual event that takes place in Rotterdam and has been mimicked by the Carnaval of the Dutch Caribbean and Latin America. This carnival is one of the best ways for people to enjoy the summer season. Every year, around one million people come to this event, and the carnival tends to complete with Notting Hill Carnival in London and Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin.

This summer carnival has been awarded the Prince Claus Award, which is an honorary award in Dutch countries. The carnival received this award because of the positive part of the Antillean culture. The first carnival was planned on 4th August 1984, which allowed the residents of the city to enjoy the warmer climate of the city. However, now, it has turned into a multi-day event.

What Happens On The Carnival?

The street parade is one of the most attractive points of this carnival, but there is something unique about it. For instance, a week before the parade, a new queen is elected through the official Zomercarnaval Queen Electric. After the election, a beach party is hosted at the Stand aan de Maas, which is a cute little beach in the city center.

At this party, different DJs and brass bands come, along with the newly elected queen. In addition, the Battle of Drums is held on Friday evening, where multiple brass bands compete and earn a leading spot in the next day's parade. However, the Battle of Drum's preliminary activities are completed in the city's Dunya Center.

As far as the street parade is concerned, it includes thousands of dancers showcasing their skills along with brass band performances. Once the parade is done, two live stage concerts happen, which include Churchillplein and Coolsingel. With all these different bands and millions of people coming from different parts of the world, Rotterdam has become a melting pot of multiple cultures.

There is a warm-up period where three brass bands from different origins come together and parade to Hofplein. On the other hand, the street parade is something you just cannot miss - that's because the entire city closes down on the street parade day, and those boring roads are transformed into the liveliest places you've ever seen.

Is There Food On The Carnival?

When it comes down to summer carnivals, it's needless to say that food is an important part and is actually a great way for the cities to boost their cuisine. Having said that, Zomercarnaval has the Mercado, which is basically the festival market. This market is the culinary hotspot of the festival, where visitors can enjoy dishes from all around the globe - it's truly a diverse experience that visitors don't get anywhere else.

The Bottom Line

It doesn't matter if you want to see the vibrant side of the city or dance to some band's music, Zomercarnaval is one of the best events to visit if you are visiting Rotterdam in the summer season. So, if you are planning to go and don't know the itinerary, just call at 010 - 404 84 22. In fact, you can even book a spot in the festival market to boost your business!



Balloons at Zomercarnaval

The Rotterdam Balloon Company regularly decorates at Zomercarnaval. We know the location well and can inform you like no other about delivering the best quality 100% biodegradable balloons to this place. Click here for the options and our prices.

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john cleese
john cleese 29-07-2023
Even if it decreases every year, it remains a colorful and cheerful spectacle. the great thing is that many cultures together can make something beautiful out of it, I still admire the fact that many people put a lot of time and work into their part of the parade. and fortunately the summer carnival still enjoys great interest.


we ree
we ree 30-07-2023
How awful that they want to punish hundreds of thousands of people for the behavior of 4 hotheads. And if there are politicians who dare to claim that this carnival should stop, then I can think of a few more events or places where many people gather that are also very dangerous (football fields, stations, airports) and where violence is committed. Then be consistent and close the tent there too.


Peggy Jungblut
Peggy Jungblut 01-08-2023
uh. Every year at a big festival near Amsterdam Central, shootings, stabbings and robberies, but a white man came up with that and may continue and summer carnival where a stinking white is at the head, you may not dance bubbling because the lady is too stiff and afraid that her man finds an exotic interesting thing.


Jan Kreulen
Jan Kreulen 27-07-2023
Idiots who are suddenly going to ban a dance. Patronizing of the highest order. This idiocy is getting crazier and crazier.


Honest and Nice Sweet
Honest and Nice Sweet 27-07-2023
Backward mongols with their patronizing behavior pff



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Pictures Zomercarnaval

Below are some pictures of balloon decorations that the Rotterdam Balloon Company has provided for Zomercarnaval. Planning an event at Zomercarnaval and would you like to order a similar balloon decoration? Rotterdam Ballooncompany is your #1 choice. Send us a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)10-3073668. We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Rotterdam and are available to our customers via Whatsapp from early morning to evening.

Helium Balloons Zomercarnaval 2017 Rotterdam
Helium Balloons Zomercarnaval 2017 Rotterdam


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Search for names of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Rotterdam. Or on an occasion like 'birthday' to see what we can do for you.