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Hulstkamp Gebouw

  • Maaskade 119, 3071 NK Rotterdam [Map]
  • https://www.hulstkampgebouw.nl/
  • Boompjes (0.43 km.)
  • Wilhelminaplein (0.68 km.)
  • Wilhelminaplein Rotterdam (0.65 km.)
  • Rotterdam Blaak (0.79 km.)
  • Van der Takstraat (0.30 km.)

With the Rotterdams Balloon Company we visit the most beautiful places in Rotterdam and we like to share that experience with others. Find out what to see and do at Hulstkamp Gebouw and what our balloons are used for.

The Rotterdam Balloon Company is a permanent or well-known supplier of balloons at many locations in Rotterdam. That is why we can inform our customers well about the possibilities with balloons in these places.


Hulstkamp Gebouw is a evenementenlocatie in Rotterdam. Some must-see sights and Hotspots such as Willemsbrug, Wijnhaven, Erasmusbrug, Witte Huis, are located only 0.4 km away.

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 Hulstkamp Gebouw



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The Hulstkamp Building in Rotterdam is an elegant and historic building that offers the perfect location for organizing an enchanting party or event. With its beautiful architecture, atmospheric rooms and location on the Maas, the Hulstkamp Building creates a unique and memorable experience.

Imagine: you enter the hall in the Hulstkamp Building and are immediately overwhelmed by the stylish and intimate atmosphere. The rooms have been designed with care and have a timeless elegance that fits perfectly with both classic and modern themes. The large windows offer a breathtaking view of the Maas, creating a beautiful backdrop for your festive gathering.

And what's a party without balloons? This is where the Rotterdam Balloon Company comes into play. With their creative skills and eye for detail, they can create beautiful balloon decorations that transform the room into a festive paradise. Whether it's elegant balloon arches at the entrance, colorful balloon pillars along the dance floor or playful balloon clusters on the ceiling, the Rotterdam Balloon Company knows exactly how to turn your vision into breathtaking balloon decorations.

The Rotterdam Balloon Company understands that every event is unique and works closely with you to create a personalized balloon decoration. Whether you opt for a subtle and refined style or a vibrant and eye-catching design, their talented team will ensure that the balloons seamlessly match the atmosphere and theme of your party in the Hulstkamp Building.

Imagine: the hall of the Hulstkamp Building is filled with a magical atmosphere. Beautiful balloons float through the air, creating a sense of joy and celebration. Your guests will be enchanted by the colors and shapes of the balloons, creating an unforgettable experience. Together with the Rotterdam Balloon Company, we create a party that will linger in the memory of your guests for a long time to come.

So enter the Hulstkamp Building and be enchanted by the elegance and historic charm of this unique location. Trust the Rotterdam Balloon Company to take care of the balloons and take your party to new heights. Together we ensure that your event in the Hulstkamp Building will be an unforgettable experience, with breathtaking balloon decorations that provide the perfect finishing touch.


Rent a Room

The Hulstkamp Building, located in the heart of Rotterdam, offers an impressive location for various events. With five rooms and the ability to use them together or separately, there is plenty of flexibility to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a location for a special party, wedding, company party, conference or dinner, the Hulstkamp Building is the ideal place. The unique and historic atmosphere of this Rotterdam icon, located between the iconic bridges "De Hef" and "De Zwaan", ensures that every event becomes an unforgettable experience.

The decoration of the party creates the right atmosphere. The Rotterdam Balloon Company regularly decorates with balloons at Hulstkamp Gebouw, we know this location wel and ensure that the room is decorated in the right atmosphere or in the desired theme. We will turn every room or empty space into an attractive party location.



Balloons at Hulstkamp Gebouw

The Rotterdam Balloon Company regularly decorates at Hulstkamp Gebouw. We know the location well and can inform you like no other about delivering the best quality 100% biodegradable balloons to this place. Click here for the options and our prices.

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"Beautiful former jenever distillery and event location on the Noordereiland with a beautiful view of the Maas and the skyline of Rotterdam."
- Rotterdam Balloon Company

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Maria Vandenbosch
Maria Vandenbosch 05-02-2019
Celebrating Le Grand Gala des Patrons was my experience. Very basic, overall and sanitary clean venue. And that's all I expect from a venue where my friends and I celebrate.


Coco Belgarrab
Coco Belgarrab 23-07-2022
Amazing venue and event.


J van der L
J van der L 11-12-2018
Beautiful building on nice location. Great place for an event.


Rob en Corinne Vermeer
Rob en Corinne Vermeer 21-11-2018
Fantastic location in the centre of Rotterdam. Industrial heritage, great lobby, great atmosphere. Unique place to have Church every Sunday! Visit hillsong dot nl for more information.


Danny Merkelbag
Danny Merkelbag 17-03-2018
Nice location, but very warm and the floor was sticky....not so good for dancing



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Pictures Hulstkamp Gebouw

Below are some pictures of balloon decorations that the Rotterdam Balloon Company has provided for Hulstkamp Gebouw. Planning an event at Hulstkamp Gebouw and would you like to order a similar balloon decoration? Rotterdam Ballooncompany is your #1 choice. Send us a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)10-3073668. We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Rotterdam and are available to our customers via Whatsapp from early morning to evening.

Table Decoration 3 balloons Ground Decoration Hulstkamp Gebouw Rotterdam
Table Decoration 3 balloons Ground Decoration Hulstkamp Gebouw Rotterdam
Balloon Column Wide Round Hulstkamp Gebouw Rotterdam
Balloon Column Wide Round Hulstkamp Gebouw Rotterdam


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Search for names of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Rotterdam. Or on an occasion like 'birthday' to see what we can do for you.